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The Sony Xperia Play- Playfully Amazing

In world we live in today, gaming has become something essential to drive away boredom. People want to carry their portable gaming consoles everywhere, but few are able to do so. But what would you get if you combined the Sony PSP and a mobile phone? You get the Xperia Play.
 In this review I'll be critically analyzing the Sony Xperia Play on the basis of design, build quality, functionality and pricing after which I will give a final verdict.

Design-  Sony has done a great job, designing the Xperia Play. It boasts a 4 inch LED-backlit LCD capacitive touchscreen which brings out some very juicy colours. There are four hard Back, Home, Menu and Search keys on the front. When flipped up, the phone sports the iconic PSP gamepad which has the X, Circle, Square and Triangle buttons and the up, down left, right direction buttons and the right and left shoulder buttons( R1 & L1). The pad also has two touch sensitive circles which mimic the left and right analog sticks. The Play has a VGA(Video Graphics Array) front facing camera as well as a 5 megapixel camera at the back.

Build Quality- The Xperia Play is sort of an all stainless steel phone which is great. It is quite light(only 175g) but it feels compact and nice to hold. We can assure you that the Xperia Play is built to handle the stress of everyday life and will survive small drops.

Functionality- The Xperia Play is powered by a 1GHz Scorpion Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which is great for gaming and web browsing. It runs on Android 2.3.4 OS and is based on the Timescape user interface which is quite mediocre. The Web browsing experience is nice and smooth and has support for HTML5 and Flash. Gaming on the phone is amazing, there is a dedicated game store from which you can download a multitude of famous PSP games. Sony has been able to bring the gaming experience into the Play using the PS emulator and comes preloaded with some amazing games like N.O.V.A., The Sims 3, Asphalt 6 and Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave. The 5 megapixel camera at the back also comes with an LED flash and can shoot some nice pictures. The VGA front facing camera enables video calling, nothing great but it gets the job done.

Pricing- The Sony Xperia Play is well priced at $280(USD). For its features and the amazing PSP feel, we were quite pleased with its pricing. You can also buy the phone on contract with carriers such as at&t  at a much lower price.

The Verdict- Overall, Sony has made all mobile gamers proud by launching the first Android powered gaming smartphone. It has the looks, the power of Android, the fun of the PSP and comes with a reasonable price tag. So if you want to carry a phone and a gaming console at the same time, go for the the Sony Xperia Play.

Hope this review was resourceful and helps you buy your Sony Xperia Play. If you would like to purchase the Sony Xperia Play right away, you can buy it through our 100% safe Amazon and Flipkart portals.



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