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The HTC Desire- All you could desire

This phone is a culmination of HTC's efforts of making a handset affordable without compromising its functionality. It is what all phones aspire to be. With this phone HTC became a household name after selling $1.6 million(USD) worth HTC Desires all over the world.
In this review I'll be critically analyzing the HTC Desire on the basis of design, build quality, functionality and pricing after which I will give a final verdict.

Design- The HTC Desire is a pleasure to look at and feels amazing to hold. It sports a 3.7 inch AMOLED/SLCD capacitive touchscreen. You have the Home, Menu, Back and Search buttons which are distinct and can be easily pressed. At the middle there is a...........Trackpad. Yes we do not know why this was put in the phone with regard to the fact that it has a touchscreen. Anyway it just facilitates navigation without the user having to touch the screen itself for those who care a lot about their phones and don't want any scratches.

Build Quality- When it comes to the HTC Desire, build quality is taken to the the premium level. HTC has used an all metal construction for the Desire. It adds a bit of weight to the device.......well a lot of it, but with the shiny metal body, the Desire will leave a lasting impression, and a good one. The phone can take quite a few bumps with the only fear of tiny scratches on the back panel and screen.

Functionality- The HTC Desire is powered by a powerful 1GHz Scorpion Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which is very impressive for a phone in the slightly lower price range. The system is very responsive,  both to the touch and trackpad. We enjoyed the browsing experience offered by the Desire on which Flash content can also be played. The phone runs on Android 2.1(Eclair), which was a bit of a letdown    but it works seamlessly well in coordination with the other systems. Thanks to the relatively large screen and the AMOLED/SLCD display, viewing videos and other multimedia are a treat for the eyes. You have customizable pages on the Desire to add a touch of your own. At the back of the phone is a reasonable 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and an LED flash, enough to click pictures just if you have forgotten your camera and have the Desire at hand.

Pricing- We were quite amazed when we saw the price tag of the HTC Desire. In such a price we did not expect this phone to be one from the high end. HTC has definitely brought out a phone that offers great functionality without burning a hole in your wallet. Priced at $335(USD), go for it; it is very rare for such amazing phones to be priced at such an affordable rate.

The Verdict- Overall, the HTC Desire is a good mix of sleek looks, premium construction materials and an affordable price range. If you're still not so happy with the OS, you can put in a few more Dollars and get a Version 2.2(Froyo) upgrade which is much more updated version. With the only letdown of the camera(now.......we shouldn't care much about that), the HTC Desire gets a thumbs up from TechnGizmos.

Hope this review was resourceful and helps you buy your HTC Desire. If you would like to purchase the HTC Desire right away, you can buy it through our 100% safe Amazon and Flipkart portals.


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